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Hello people

My name is Alessandro Cavallo and i'm born in 1980 in Mesagne (BR) city from Puglia who's a region of the south east Italy. Third son after two greater sisters, and uncle of three delicious grandsons.Music is mine preferred hobby, after photograpy.I still do not decide of a musical studio where to be able to express to 100% my abilities. Four years ago i've begun to create loop and pattern with some software like AbletonLive,Propellerhead Reason, Cubase,and other...Now i still composing with:
Micromodular by Nord,KorgMonotron Delay (synth),Korg Kaosspad 2 (fx), UMX25 Beheringer ,Korg Nano Kontrol (controllers),Mackie Onyx Blackjack,Samson Rubicon r6a,Ableton Live 7.
When i was 14 years old thanks to members of my family,i've begun to listen Depeche Mode (i collect all theirs vinyls).
I estimate their 'synthman' Andy Fletcher great composer with very warmth and melodics sounds of synth.
With this i beginning to approach with electronic music.Around the years 98/99 i went in mine first illegal rave into the one squott in Bologna,learning different styles and discovering other sounds tribe like Fky .
After the start of this adventure,i was really attracted,and i've been made curious from music more hard,like Suburbass,my friend Anz ,and Hesed.
I don't forgot a guy called 'Esoteric',and also label like Acid Fever ,therefore bRz TDK, Acid Anonymous (specially Rinse),
013 SoundSystem,i've to write for long time and then is that i prefer. :)) cheers